Topic 1 - My Path from Atheism to Christ.



P101. My dad was an atheist

- I was influenced by him and by his library, which had a bunch of books by atheist intellectuals.

- I grew to be an agnostic-to-atheist as a teen and in my early 20s.


P102. I was always attracted to Beauty and Truth.

- this led me to science (and a career in science).


P103. I became an atheist existentialist

- experienced the despair (angst) of it.

- There is no point to life. Might as well kill yourself. Despair.


P104. However, something inside me said there HAS to be more to life.


P105. I grew to realize that atheism does NOT have answers to the Big questions of existence

- I grew to realize that Science does NOT have answers to the Big questions of existence


P106. Seeking Truth led me to Science

- Seeking Beauty led me to Astronomy


P107. Astronomy led me to Cosmology

- Cosmology led me to Evidence for the Big Bang

- The Big Bang led me to God (Deism/Theism)

- And, so did the Physics of the Fine-Tuning of the Universe


P108. Seeking Truth also led me to Philosophy

- Philosophy became another strand that led me to God (Deism/Theism)


P109. I started looking into the different religions (Hinduism, New-Age, Islam, Judaism, Jehovah's Witnesses, LDS, Secular Humanism).


P110. Over time, the Character of Jesus drew me to Him

- The Intelligence of Jesus drew me to Him

- The Humor of Jesus drew me to Him

- The Self-Sacrifice of Jesus drew me to Him


P111. My reading the New Testament gospels. I felt like I was literally there... and I was experiencing the things that the disciples experienced ... their initial unbelief (i experienced that) growing over time into the belief that he was More than Just a Man (i experienced that as well).


P112. A growing sense of the Reality of God in the form of Jesus.


P113. And a realization that Jesus provides a solution to the Problem of Pain and Suffering that NO other religion does. This drew me to Christianity.


P114. And the realization that GOD is the ultimate source of Both GOOD and EVIL (in the sense of being ultimately responsible for both). The Bible was unique in that sense, of accepting that truth.


P115. I can respect a God who accepts responsibility for his Actions (accepts responsibility for both good and evil). And, who provides an explanation or an apology in love, if you will, by experiencing the ultimate manifestation of Evil, suffering as an Innocent man on the cross.


P116. All of these drew me to the Character of the Christian God over all other pictures of gods (in the different religions).


P117. And these drew me to the character of Christ.


P118. Over time, I provisionally accepted Christ into my life, committed my life to him based on the Core of the Gospel*, and asked him to make himself real to me (show himself as real in my life).


P119. Note*: the Core of the Christian Gospel is the following (a) there is ONE God, (b) Jesus is God in human form, (c) Jesus suffered and died on the cross to enable reconciliation between God and us, (d) I accept this and I commit my life to Christ based on this, (e) the result is that I am an adopted child of God, with a personal relationship with him in this life and in the life to come. I committed my life to Christ based on the Core of this gospel.


P120. I then went through a period when God answered a series of my prayers in ways that were truly amazing to me.


P121. And by doing so, he showed me beyond a reasonable doubt (to me) that HE is real, and that He loves me as his child.


P122. That is the path that has led me to where I now am, as a Christian.


I wish you Peace and Joy in Christ.




Source: www.GodAndScience.INFO      (Peter B.)


Disclaimer: This is a work in progress, and it will continue to be modified based on dialog and feedback.




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