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From Atheism to Christ


Topic: An Apologetics Short Course

Purpose: To Strengthen the Faith of Christians

Audience: Christians who wish to strengthen their faith.

Time: 1 hour




0.         Introduction

1.         My Path from Atheism to Christ

2.         Seeking Truth

3.         Philosophy points to Theism

4.         Science points to Theism

5.         Philosophy & Science point to Mono-Theism

6.         Overview of Religions

7.         Polytheistic Hinduism

8.         Pantheistic Hinduism

9.         Bhakthi Vedanta Hinduism

10.    Agnostic Buddhism

11.    Poly-Spiritistic Buddhism

12.    Other Poly-Spiritistic & Polytheistic Religions

13.    Judaism

14.    Islam

15.    Conclusions




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“Strengthen your Faith: A short course in Christian Apologetics”.




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Disclaimer: This is a work in progress, and it will continue to be modified based on dialog and feedback.